Friday, September 28, 2012

What's your the angriest case

1 No Name 17/09/2012(Mon) 02:09:52.22 ID:LD9aWWnK0

In elementary school, my friend erased my Game data, I had played it for 300 hours.

17 No Name 17/09/2012(Mon) 02:13:15.11 ID:3F2KDuZO0


My brother erased data of Dragon Quest 4 borrowed from his friend and his angry father came to my house

6 No Name 17/09/2012(Mon) 02:11:49.49 ID:l/1OCxh80

My father ,he is athlete`s foot used my sandal

13 No Name 17/09/2012(Mon) 02:12:41.73 ID:dZpoeNtk0

Was taken by guy, I thought he was friend

10 No Name 17/09/2012(Mon) 02:12:16.82 ID:ExpXzFku0

When my parent were abused

14 No Name 17/09/2012(Mon) 02:12:51.84 ID:VEnvX3km0

My father died when I was small. My senior brother went wrong and I was hit always.
One day I got angry and attacked him with knife

22 No Name 17/09/2012(Mon) 02:14:43.42 ID:bZPCd8v90
Got girlfriend, half year after moving to Tokyo,.
One day I went home after, girlfriend lay and there were hurt on her face.
Next to her, weird man held his peniss.
I was upset and hit many times over the man with key I had. Called police, he was robber, rapist and murder.

32 No Name 17/09/2012(Mon) 02:18:04.91ID:PDAF9J5q0

When I`m near angry, told myself not to be controlled by temporary emotion and stand

37 No Name 17/09/2012(Mon) 02:20:40.68 ID:7sG1P//9O

My bicycle saddle was changed to broccoli

39 No Name 17/09/2012(Mon) 02:21:59.00 ID:TY3EeFDQO

My cat and stray cat started terrible fight so I put hands between them, and hand was bitten by my cat, of all them.
I got angry while feeling pain, finally took part in this battle.

44 No Name 17/09/2012(Mon) 02:25:31.66 ID:GKRoUd+o0


It`s important to punish friend who rose against his master earlier than enemy

 No Name 17/09/2012(Mon) 02:25:05.99 ID:/ZGkv+L70

My friend was forced to drive car and take some people though he was tired, and he had an accident.
All who was in the car tried to shirk their responsibility.

49 No Name 17/09/2012(Mon) 02:30:08.32 ID:n0X0mO1q0

When high school, was wrung the neck by fat from the class next door though I didn`t know him.
I can`t forget already even now.
What was it

34 No Name 17/09/2012(Mon) 02:19:02.18ID:OjPnjuA80

Never put lemon on my fried chicken!!!!!!!!

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