Monday, October 8, 2012

A dead body under house. Too complex situation.

1No Name 27/09/2012(Thu) 18:11:33.33 ID:uJBl8lEf0

Aichi Police department arrested Takahiro Suzuki(22) suspected person. He buried the dead body of woman covered with concrete under house in North Nagoya city. The woman seems to have lived with him. Prefecture Police Department installed investigation headquarter, hurry to recognize her profile and search.
According to arrested suspicion, he buried dead body of the women under small Japanese style room in September.
 He`s recognized “It`s right that I buried to hide. I avoided to be find by police”
There is frame made of woods under floor, filled with concrete.
As removed concrete, the dead body was found under ground.
The woman was wrapped in sheet. She is supposed passed 10 days after dead.
Suzuki suspected person testified “I had quarreled with her and she fainted, died”

The house has 2 floors. There are 5 people, Suzuki suspected person, his girlfriend (24), her father and younger brothers. Girlfriend visited Prefecture Police in 26 at 1 PM, consulted “I suppose that my boyfriend has hidden dead body of friend”
The house is hers. Suzuki suspected person has started to live with her since 2 years ago, and victim woman started to live too. The Japanese style room where dead body was found was used by Suzuki suspected person. Girlfriend had felt strange smell in house, so asked Suzuki suspected person but he answered “I don`t know”.
Prefecture Police had searched him and arrested in 26 at 9 PM.
According to neighbor residents, victim woman was hurt terribly on face a month ago.


2No Name 27/09/2012(Thu18:13:10.59 ID:Iwd25BdK0
Dead body smells bad
3No Name 27/09/2012(Thu18:14:09.02 ID:z4IHSmri0
Nagoya is awful
4No Name 27/09/2012(Thu18:14:35.93 ID:LvlxfsHV0

What happened?
5No Name 27/09/2012(Thu18:16:29.08 ID:gHBRPRB80

Strange murder cases are a lot in Aichi.
7No Name 27/09/2012(Thu18:17:20.21 ID:oUxomDtG0

Means they lived with boyfriend and friends?
12No Name 27/09/2012(Thu18:32:27.89 ID:fW6IWazj0

Are they Japanese?
13No Name 27/09/2012(Thu18:35:45.89 ID:Z/yg9BMi0
This is better case.
I've read more terrible murder case
14No Name 27/09/2012(Thu18:38:54.32 ID:PprDqItsO

For how circumstance had such people lived with? kind of community?
18No Name 27/09/2012(Thu19:03:45.80 ID:TggeJme50

Family(Father, daughter and younger brother) + daughter's boyfriend + a friend of daughter's.
The daughter may be apt to invite friends.
22No Name 27/09/2012(Thu 19:35:14.15 ID:QkcZhaEfO

“I had quarreled with her and she fainted, died”
26No Name 28/09/2012(Fri 02:22:01.92 ID:IM7o3IvR0

I can image pimp had landed her house. But can't understand circumstance that victim had lived with.

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