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The skill to control cockroach was invented

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North Carolina scientist team announced they invented technology to remote control cockroach, in 2012 on September 5.
This technology let us control cockroach from distant, they invented it for sending sensor like camera and microphone to broken building where people can`t step into

Alper Bozkurt who is associate professor in the university said

We finally purpose to construct network that can collect infomations consisted of sensor with cyborg cockroach for example, it is utilized in case searching survivor in broken building by earthquake.
Making small robot to do same thing is difficult in unstable place like disaster site.
We choose using cockroach instead of robot. They are experts in danger situation.”

They enabled to control cockroach by stimulating their neural pathway.
Put 0.7g controller on their back and connect its electric line to the sense of touch and near tail.
They recognize with tail that something is approaching from behind and go ahead naturally and sense forward obstacle and avoid it. .

They enable to control cockroach with little electricity.
By the way, the cockroach they used for experimental is called Madagasdar Hissing Cockroach.

Researchers Develop Technique to Remotely Control Cockroaches

2No name2012/09/07() 20:49:10.63 ID:/sCbAQN6

I would be surprised if it come lol
I`ll kill.

4No name2012/09/07() 20:50:37.94 ID:b+PM3tqt


It`s smashed and useless

19No name2012/09/07() 21:01:50.16 ID:+TTF52U2

By being smashing, survivor will be found.

3No name2012/09/07() 20:49:33.55 ID:brLkjZJI

Interesting idea

5No name2012/09/07() 20:51:32.89 ID:y+H++hU2

It`s danger.
Cockroach that control human in revenge will appear

6No name2012/09/07() 20:51:57.62 ID:jxj+Rq3Y

They will run away and increase

13No name2012/09/07() 20:57:41.26 ID:WsNP4Gmc

USA study is kind of crazy

16No name2012/09/07() 21:00:01.45 ID:gz4fCGXw


Same study have conducted in Japan too.

15No name2012/09/07() 20:59:52.37 ID:NMCvTfA5


18No name2012/09/07() 21:00:53.12 ID:f3IdyhJ0

If it appear when I can`t move because of rubble, I`ll be finished off by shock lol

22No name2012/09/07() 21:07:15.00 ID:/5quyx/f

It supposed to be go ahead and turn, but how stop?

27No name2012/09/07() 21:12:58.05 ID:D2nAYn4G

Why did they use more pretty animal, like hamster

103No name2012/09/08() 00:20:28.64 ID:TsG9+k7K

But to control this cockroach need one precious person in disaster.
They should release mass cockroaches and make them notify only in the case survivor exist with sensor.

105No name2012/09/08() 00:33:04.93 ID:aIipyU29


I suppose they construct computer to manage some cockroach automatically.

28No name2012/09/07() 21:13:47.73 ID:bk7v5MQu

It`s terrible invention for cockroach lol

31No name2012/09/07() 21:15:43.50 ID:HAVY3vwq

People have to discipline rescue dogs not to hunt.

33No name2012/09/07() 21:17:29.68 ID:SxOccBGc

Harassment is the only word for it

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