Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The beautiful photos of the international aquatic plants layout contest

1no name2012/09/04() 23:25:31.54 ID:g2ZvnESJ0

I`m impressed even if not interested in aquatic plants.
You can see others here

2no name2012/09/04() 23:27:19.50 ID:g2ZvnESJ0


4no name2012/09/04() 23:28:21.98 ID:xU4vx+Zs0
Almost half of applicants are Japanese.
I wanna make it myself

5no name2012/09/04() 23:28:34.26 ID:qSkygutV0
Rocks are floating!

6no name2012/09/04() 23:31:29.46 ID:ChaAiQEr0


7 no name2012/09/04() 23:32:11.36 ID:fDN8VUlV0
It`s amazing every year.

Wanna put it in front entrance.

8no name2012/09/04() 23:33:07.96 ID:CeF3vUfv0

How are they made?
Show me making

9no name2012/09/04() 23:33:41.66 ID:rk3DGHlU0

Maintenance seems to be difficult.

11no name2012/09/04() 23:35:25.64 ID:NFy7rtd+0

Are these kinds of appearances temporary for taking picture?

14no name2012/09/04() 23:39:21.52 ID:X6JvqaaS0

Why are rocks floating?

16no name2012/09/04() 23:41:39.71 ID:g2ZvnESJ0


I don`t know. There may be high transparent glass board.

15no name2012/09/04() 23:41:17.01 ID:fDN8VUlV0

I guess they are hanged by acryl strings.
It is almost disappear in water.

25no name2012/09/04() 23:48:39.24 ID:X6JvqaaS0


Artists contrive a lot.
Recently, only idea seems to be matter.
I like works as if sightseeing of nature is cut.

27no name2012/09/04() 23:52:29.41 ID:g2ZvnESJ0

Like this?

I`m not familiar with aquarium but it`s simply beautiful

29no name2012/09/04() 23:55:38.88 ID:X6JvqaaS0

It`s like dense forest, I like it.
I`m looking forward to see fish entering and going from thicket

19no name2012/09/04() 23:42:50.34 ID:DMuw0tvs0

They are all similar

22no name2012/09/04() 23:46:40.22 ID:g2ZvnESJ0

It`s very characteristic I think

21no name2012/09/04() 23:44:37.78 ID:EA+RK26y0

Very beautiful

23no name2012/09/04() 23:47:05.43 ID:NFy7rtd+0

Are they not normal stone but drift woods or pumice?

24no name2012/09/04() 23:47:26.18 ID:CeF3vUfv0


28no name2012/09/04() 23:55:10.90 ID:rH9W7xRL0

Entertainment for rich

31no name2012/09/05() 00:00:39.67 ID:RONVwYE70

This works make us regard from bottom to above water.

33no name2012/09/05() 00:10:23.24 ID:+c/eQB1K0
Like miniature garden.
I wanna do.
Japanese blood that like small thing is excited.

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