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Edison`s educational preparations lol

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He left elementary school! lol

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And then his parents taught

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Well, I`ll talk about Edison.
Listen to me

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What did he do in elementary school?

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Teacher: “1+1=2”

Edison “why 2?”

Teacher “The thing is that is”

Edison”Why? Why?”

Teache (troublesome…)

Edison”why!! Why!!”

Teacher “Go home, you”

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Edison was youngest children among 7 brothers, seems not to have played outside.

He usually want to see canal., liked to see shipment.

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He want elementary school in Port Huron.
In mathematics, He couldn`t swallow if being taught “1+1=2”, he asked “though if one clay add one clay, they`ll become just 1 big clay, why2?” and “why isn`t A called P?”, repeated always “Why?”.

Mother worried about him and let him leave school.
She decided to teach him because she was elementary school teacher.

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He should Google

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He is great of the great.

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The first science book Edison read is “Natural experimental science ”. He read this difficult title book when 9 yeas old.
The book explained how car, gun powder, gus light and more, are made. Edison naturally became to like science.
He had modified his house`s cave to experiment room and tried every experiment.
But to buy materials and equipment need money,
And Edison`s business started.

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Edison started to sell vegetables made in his fathers field to make money, but it`s not enough.

But after then, he was introduced job what selling newspaper in train, and agreed readily.

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Edison`s parent made cave experiment room be at his disposal. But there is one promise. It`s the promise that he never hurt people by experiment.
Thanks to the promise with parent, nothing is hurt people among his inventions.
The lump that light dark night, gramophone that play wonderful music.

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But selling newspaper was started in morning, ended at night.

One day, he was permitted by conductor to utilize one room in train as experiment room.
He was so glad that give fruits, butter gotten from village for wives of train crew .

Of course, money he made was allocated to experiment.

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equipment and chemicals were expensive. So he decided to expand his business, opened 2 fruit stores and left them of his 2 friends.
When the civil war happened, sales of newspaper increased.
Sometime, newspapers that he brought wasn`t enough. So he came up with rising price.
He earned much money.

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Finally, he published weekly newspaper by himself, wrote and printed in train.

But one day, accident happened.
The train started though he hadn`t gotten on, he chased in a fluster and hanged to train but couldn`t get on.
Finally, one crew pulled him up by holding his ear.
Thanks to the crew, he was helped, but he seems to have hear sound that like something break.
And his ear started to be worse and worse.
But it result in invention of a hearing aid. And  

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But one day, he failed one bottle of chemical, and fire happened.
Angry conductor threw out print machine, equipment and Edison from train.
Edison had to search job again.

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On 1862 , August.
In station, Edison found train came into when child tried to go across the rail.
He succeeded to help him somehow.

Of course, he never intended to show off his good attitude. But the child`s father was stationmaster and gave Edison wonderful present.
Yes, he taught technic of telegraphy to Edison that he was crazy about at the time.
So he lost selling newspaper job but obtained ner job.

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Edison became specialist of this new information system though he was 16.
He made even new electric line between his house and his dearest friend.`s house.

When he announced result of discussion at assembly, come up with way to shorten the time of voting.
He invented “voting record machine”. It was first patent.

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Edison is great and Ford who is his junior is also great.

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He seems to have dispute in judge for half of his inventor life.

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This “vote record machine” is very easy and useful.

But it was defied strongly in assembly because delaying voting was one of effective strategy.
Edison was disappointed but he never give up, so try to sell in the city and traveled to New York.
This machine would be installed many countries assembly.

By the way, stupid Japanese assembly installed it 1998, it was 130 years after from Edison`s invention.

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Japanese is too outdated lol

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