Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I found strange tree branch on the beach!

  1No name2012/09/11() 12:39:44.10 ID:8UGzNivaI


2No name2012/09/11() 12:40:13.49 ID:h/27wz5R0

3No name2012/09/11() 12:40:38.11 ID:sp9NmaLo0

It`s kind of art

  4No name2012/09/11() 12:40:48.15 ID:lzaoSnOW0

It`s aliving

8No name2012/09/11() 12:42:20.70 ID:BnQpIljY0

It`s peeing dog!

10No name2012/09/11() 12:42:45.83 ID:nJS6qBTM0


14No name2012/09/11() 12:44:06.01 ID:6w1YyZPNi

Mummy of dog lol

1612012/09/11() 12:44:30.66 ID:8UGzNivaI

I tried to take it but I stopped because may be cursed

20No name2012/09/11() 12:45:24.37 ID:DorW4qmp0


It`s really funny

47No name2012/09/11() 12:49:35.56 ID:1QCvlsOs0

How size?

6112012/09/11() 12:52:57.36 ID:8UGzNivaI



65No name2012/09/11() 12:53:51.04 ID:My6ydc540


It`s like giraffe of good omen

88No name2012/09/11() 12:57:00.98 ID:MXb9SrR70


Yeah, it looks like giraffe

19No name2012/09/11() 12:45:23.05 ID:NdhcLWdMi

Kind of modern art

22No name2012/09/11() 12:45:35.65 ID:HSQqOLCTO

     ∧∧    /
*'´ ̄(''・∀・) _ノ great
  UUU U   `ヽ.

27No name2012/09/11() 12:46:33.09 ID:/C+U8RxAi


It`s this!

28No name2012/09/11() 12:46:42.40 ID:s6MZMV4d0

You`ve already cursed when touching

312012/09/11() 12:47:10.80 ID:8FEhbQtJ0

You can sell,
For example, for aquarium

45No name2012/09/11() 12:49:33.48 ID:0y4VbJCh0


I think so

32No name2012/09/11() 12:47:53.91 ID:wYzNml8b0

It looks strong

35No name2012/09/11() 12:48:26.88 ID:jMQ1enYWO

Driftwood can be sold

38No name2012/09/11() 12:48:49.97 ID:KcEwr6gr0

remain of UMA

43No name2012/09/11() 12:49:28.81 ID:DXkgq7Fi0

Artificial thing

50No name2012/09/11() 12:50:31.39 ID:m+6xkFMk0

If it`s big, frightening

57No name2012/09/11() 12:52:10.83 ID:ej6u+UOX0


71No name2012/09/11() 12:54:40.64 ID:x2Ofc2sp0

Stone is sold, wood can be sold too.

75No name2012/09/11() 12:54:58.17 ID:sp9NmaLo0

78No name2012/09/11() 12:55:28.02 ID:/YciEAb+0


It`s in good shape

87No name2012/09/11() 12:56:32.19 ID:Ci0/78yS0



106No name2012/09/11() 13:00:20.92 ID:5svGmbBd0

I`ll buy it

76No name2012/09/11() 12:55:07.39 ID:hF5z8fPs0

Too cool!

82No name2012/09/11() 12:55:43.05 ID:peRKUq5R0

You should sell

107No name2012/09/11() 13:00:33.40 ID:n7BlURLV0

Weird and big

120No name2012/09/11() 13:04:14.84 ID:Y9hZUsPp0

I`ll buy it for 80 thousand Yen

137No name2012/09/11() 13:11:56.06 ID:tjXB2XnH0

If you wash it, it will be able to be sold expensively

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