Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Waning! 3761 people die by masturbation.

.1FinalFinanceφ ★:2012/09/03() 08:47:12.32 ID:0
In USA, 3 people eaten by crocodile, 30 people by sky diving, 40 people by scorpion, 143 people by lightning, 1795 people by ambulance accident, and 3761 people die by masturbation a year. Can you believe, but it`s truth.
42012/09/03() 08:48:45.24 ID:0
Why do people die by onanism?

5::2012/09/03() 08:49:33.86 ID:0
How hard?

62012/09/03() 08:51:23.01 ID:0
They could die while orgasm, were happy.

82012/09/03() 08:51:58.74 ID:0
Dead by onanism is unbelievable,
And accident death of ambulance is worth than normal death
122012/09/03() 08:56:32.90 ID:0
Sudden death occur also among women. All in all, it seems to be heart attack.
132012/09/03() 08:58:22.26 ID:0
I see, it`s suffocation onanism

142012/09/03() 08:59:12.85 ID:O
I know actor died by suffocation onanism.
If I die at all, want to die during sex.
But woman would suffer from a trauma lol

172012/09/03() 09:07:44.94 ID:0
When first onanism after stopping smoking, felt my heart suddenly shrank.
I fared I should die and it was unbelievable lust.

19!2012/09/03() 09:09:15.93 ID:0
They used drug, didn`t they?

202012/09/03() 09:10:02.93 ID:O
do you guys nearly faint when orgasm?
Is it danger?

222012/09/03() 09:20:52.97 ID:O
Why don`t you mention to the number of accident death of ambulance?

262012/09/03() 09:28:09.08 ID:0
How strange onanism did they do?

272012/09/03() 09:36:23.73 ID:0
Explain more detailed!
I`m worried to death!

48:2012/09/03() 11:05:08.75 ID:0
Heart attacking or cardiac infarction.
Onanism burden a heart.

282012/09/03() 09:39:03.96 ID:0
The case person stick electrode into penis is supposed

302012/09/03() 09:41:36.12 ID:0
Over 10 people a day…

33!!2012/09/03() 09:51:18.18 ID:0
Don`t regret after onanism

36!2012/09/03() 10:02:20.67 ID:0
Middle age man was found dead , naked with high heels in the forest.
Identification section came the scene from report bizarre murder case, but victim is supposed to die while hanging head down for masturbation of his own accord.
Families can`t say anything for shocking result of dear husband, respected father.
Sheriff is worried about announce not to suffer families from converage
I`ve read it on book of bizarre murder case.
Such case sometime seems to happen in USA.

37!2012/09/03() 10:12:09.79 ID:0
On masturbation,heart work as hard as when running.
Fat or old die.
392012/09/03() 10:16:42.80 ID:0
If people masturbate while soaking in bathtub, die in high orobably.

422012/09/03() 10:51:21.01 ID:0
I nearly fainted by doing it after drinking when winter

412012/09/03() 10:49:05.44 ID:0
Japanese masturbate softly.
But American seem to try too hard wastefully.
Like `Oh!!` and `Nooo!!`

492012/09/03() 11:06:28.18 ID:0
It`s familiar danger.
You guys, be care full when not only onanism but defecating
79!2012/09/03() 14:42:36.82 ID:0
Can`t do it easily because of this thread lol

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