Sunday, September 9, 2012

Voyager will soon reach to edge of the solar system, 35 years from launch

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NASA Voyager
Cheers, Voyager: 35 Years of Exploration09.05.12

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5No name2012/09/08() 02:37:57.70 ID:ztPfgJwk

Keep it up!

6No name2012/09/08() 02:43:49.65 ID:MXvINmOw

Space is expanding, isn`t it?
It`ll never reach no matter how much time passes

9No name2012/09/08() 02:47:35.22 ID:aen2K8Al

Voyager go ahead 17kilomiters a day, it`s enough speed for escaping from the solar system, but from galactic system is difficult.

14No name2012/09/08() 02:58:01.82 ID:F02gBech

 enough isn`t appropriate expression.
It`s the speed to escape somehow.

10No name2012/09/08() 02:50:31.20 ID:atZfwyAn

Space is romantic!

13No name2012/09/08() 02:57:28.13 ID:XG766shG

The information of 35 years ago is too old

94No name2012/09/08() 13:14:24.33 ID:4GYMuENK


After 1000 years

It became precious record of 1035 years ago for human

18No name2012/09/08() 03:11:00.47 ID:22zT2IIO

Though I`m same year as voyager, can`t go out home

19No name2012/09/08() 03:16:40.82 ID:FFetvLaM
Ice age seems to come every passing of solar system next to spiral of galactic system.
Space is slutty

24No name2012/09/08() 03:43:17.53 ID:1TSZ4ZS8

Not only solar system, but every star system`s distant to edge is as from some hundred to some thousand times far as the orbit of a star around most outside.

So voyager can`t escape until 2025 when the battery will exhaust.
People need at least more some hundred years for escaping solar system.

52No name2012/09/08() 07:54:52.34 ID:hfPB9uHW


Outside of Pluto`s orbit is outside of solar system, right?

55No name2012/09/08() 08:00:04.43 ID:LzxqjwVk


The area where are affected by sun is solar system.
There are area where solar wind is rejected by matter basis on other star, it`s end of solar system.

25No name2012/09/08() 03:48:59.98 ID:Aadxwx5K

it`s voyaging while avoiding obstacles?

26No name2012/09/08() 03:49:32.08 ID:akI7/6hd

Don`t say unromantic thing

27No name2012/09/08() 03:53:10.99 ID:zPXTVQGr

So there`s possible to reach tomorrow

30No name2012/09/08() 04:05:25.54 ID:d6+6QH2z

Star trec was popular after this launch. nostalgic

32No name2012/09/08() 04:20:58.97 ID:lM2rdj4q

Voyager has infinite possibility

38No name2012/09/08() 04:38:49.92 ID:6pr5fe6Z

Have people been able to communicate yet?
And how much time does it take?

41No name2012/09/08() 05:05:32.87 ID:KWQTDMf1

Kind of romantic
But it`s unfortunate that communication will be finished in 2025

44No name2012/09/08() 06:00:03.55 ID:d6+6QH2z

Voyager has originally intended not to return to earth

46No name2012/09/08() 06:29:45.47 ID:+cgk1w++

It would be picked up 200billion years later

47No name2012/09/08() 06:31:43.50 ID:PDtLrJ5Y
Human will develop and be able to catch up with it

60No name2012/09/08() 08:39:57.19 ID:15lvSs9W

35 years

61No name2012/09/08() 08:40:08.53 ID:N45ikkhb

People who will collect box crammed message will be earthman in future.

62No name2012/09/08() 08:50:10.93 ID:KJXswMlc
Don`t worry,
It`ll return from opposite site of solar system.

73No name2012/09/08() 10:04:26.38 ID:oJJf83zq

It`s lonely voyage.

74No name2012/09/08() 10:33:53.18 ID:MdbZgU0d

Assume that fortunately escape from solar system, reach area that space is expanding.
But it will face the end of time and God`ll eliminate it.

80No name2012/09/08() 11:04:41.75 ID:eJmmfJLm

After science develop, catching up with voyager is also romantic

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