Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I am cluster headache patient, do you guys have a question?

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In Japan, Cluster headache is usually misunderstood as other kinds of headache, supposed to that even some medical people don`t know the name.  When pain attacking is various up to person, but if pain attacks patient while he sleeping, he will awake from acute pain. For this reason, many patient feel fear to sleeping. The degree of pain is outstanding among many headache, it is compared to `being gouged out eyeballs by spoon`  Reference Japanese wikipedia

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While pain, are you about to die?
Have you ever thought about suicide for real?

5Non name2012/09/01() 09:05:59.12ID:bgCTbuxN0


No scope for thinking.
It`s like be `Please kill me…`

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Suicide headache

5Non name2012/09/01() 09:05:59.12ID:bgCTbuxN0

Sometime, it`s called so.

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Dose pain come suddenly without any omen?

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In case of me, it emerge once from a year to one year and half.
Once emerging, it is getting heavier and heavier, painful come up maximum after about 3 days elapse.
After that, I feel pain everyday from midnight to daybreak.

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Me too

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Let`s get over.

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The pain like that being gouge eyeballs by spoon?

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I`m not sure feeling of being gouge.
You feel mild pain when pushing your temple by finger.
It is as 100 times painful as that , and acuter.
I explain to doctor so.

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I have undergone it since student, but that time I don`t know what.

Recently, I knew cluster headache and consulted neurosurgery, it is that.
Once for 2 years, time is uncertain.
Sometime it emerges even while working…

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Some doctor can`t judge as cluster headache.

When we meet a paper of condition of headache,

Lightness weighs on your mind

Sounds weighs on your mind

Feel pain just one side

If we check above 3 boxes, we would be regarded as other headache like migraine even if cluster headache.
it isn`t such easy pain though.

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I told chronic headache, if it come everyday, I will commit suicide.
Thanks to not short interval, somehow I can put up with it.

Do you take any precaution?

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I usually enter cluster period while sleeping so can`t take effective measure.

But when feeling very little pain, I try to exercise or not to move, sleep deeply or not to sleep entirely, eat a lot or not to eat anything and search connection of trigger of headache.
But now I have been able to no clue…

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When headache emerging, do you work?

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I am man of 18 student.
Happily headache emerges about daybreak, so it only prevent me to sleep. I can go to university.

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Bless you

16Non name2012/09/01() 09:22:11.25ID:bgCTbuxN0

Thank you.
If I explain my friend, they told me `you exaggerate lol` until see me suffering.

By the way, I have fainted away twice.

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What reason do you suspect?

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I`m unclear. I`ve lived with regularity since childhood, so I suspect stress.
My parents dispute usually and I arbitrated.
But I don`t think parents is cause.

23Non name2012/09/01() 09:45:01.80ID:lUFVu+th0

It may problem of not stress but blood vessel

27Non name2012/09/01() 09:51:00.39ID:FNcls+BJ0
Cluster headache occurs by pressure to autonomic nerves from blood vessel inside eye.
So brain is nothing to do directly.

But mainly reason is not obviously.
Some people said it`s seen a lot among `good looking, tall, higher education`

32Non name2012/09/01() 10:01:08.27ID:bgCTbuxN0

My height 178cm but stupid and not good looking lol

33Non name2012/09/01() 10:04:40.72ID:FNcls+BJ0

All right.
See doctor and tell him `Give me all Imigran`
But a little expensive…

35Non name2012/09/01() 10:10:41.24ID:bgCTbuxN0

Now it`s not cluster period, but if start, I do that.

36Non name2012/09/01() 10:16:01.18ID:FNcls+BJ0

All in all, if roxonin has no effection, Imigran or injection are prescribed.

37Non name2012/09/01() 10:19:58.19ID:bgCTbuxN0

Roxonin? It is no sense! I put up with while crying and hitting wall.
Well I fainted so couldn`t put up with.

41Non name2012/09/01() 10:23:48.58ID:FNcls+BJ0

You should explain to doctor that you fainted.
You hold out enough.

43Non name2012/09/01() 10:29:57.38ID:bgCTbuxN0

Ok, I will tell next time.

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I`ve seen post that one patient intend to commit suicide if no remedy is established in some years.
Do you think so too in fact?

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When emerging, I forget myself.
I understand emotion of person who thinks about suicide rather than intend to killed myself.
Like `Oh,,,death may be better than this`

29Non name2012/09/01() 09:54:30.38ID:FNcls+BJ0

Who know exhilarating feeling when Imigran start to effect is only cluster headache patient.

30Non name2012/09/01() 09:56:32.31ID:ojGkZP5u0

It is due to expansion of blood vessel , Smoking may lessen pain.
Smoking makes blood vessel shrink.

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I don`t know cuz don`t smoke, but when headache emerging, I can`t even set fire I think. Head and Hands are shaking, I can`t think to smoke all else.

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It`s just little thing compare with tension headache.

42Non name2012/09/01() 10:27:21.13ID:bgCTbuxN0

There is more terrible pain?...unbelievable…

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Tentatively, If you feel omen of cluster headache, see doctor and tell possibly of cluster.
Though it is obviously not just migraine, some doctor judge it as migraine.

Where painful, how, when, how interval…

So you can get the medicine that can`t cure promptly and have a little effect!

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