Thursday, September 6, 2012

NEET are increasing over the world

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Employment environment of young people in the world won`t improve and economic crisis in developed country start to effect negatively to expectation of employment that from 15 years old to 24.

This negative observation was expressed in report of International labor organization.
 The report said “The negative effect that the crisis in Europe has lasted for 2 years influence, and decrease economic development from east Asia to middle south America”. Expert in UN connect the situation to that amount of export to developed countries as traditional trade partner country dwindle.

According to Eckhard Errnst who is leader of ILO employment environment team making out report, Though some improvement of employment of young people in developed countries will be expected in the close future, amount of non-workers won`t recover to the level before crisis.
Now, rate of young non-worker in developed countries increased to 17.5% from 12.5% in 2007.

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Our comrade will increase!!

3::2012/09/06() 00:02:31.98 ID:Ln3jX+EB0
Era finally catch up with us.

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Well the reason I`m NEET also is contributed to the world.

10::2012/09/06() 00:04:12.50 ID:dCXYfB3c0
We has leaded world standard, after all.

11::2012/09/06() 00:05:11.23 ID:7VwstQ8H0

I`m glad.
NEET is world common/

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Let`s take place the Olympic of NEET.

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Genesis of NEAT nation

Beginning of new era…

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Don`t equate jobless person with NEET

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Even in France, rate of unemployment is over 10 %.
There is no time to take care of Greek.

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Unemployment rate in Spanish is about 50%.
Who work seems to look like funny.

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Ideology that run nation by tax will collapse.

24 2012/09/06() 00:16:21.75 ID:O+GWImu30
We`ll change the world! NEAT`ll change the world!
NEAT of the world, unite!

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Oh,my friend

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You`ve been leader of generation.

33 2012/09/06() 00:23:06.72 ID:FIkbEBvU0
Well, I`ll tell my mother.

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So human finally begin to be release from labor. Good news

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We should welcome to newcomers.

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Unemployment pay by the country

England: fundamentally 6 month. In case of some requirement is met, it`s endless.
German: from 6 month to 32 month by age. There is similar endless payment system.
France: period is 1825 days.
Sweden: People can get unemployment pay endless, but have to take working practice.
Canada: People can get endless until obtain job again.
Australia: If people haven`t paid insurance premium, can get endless.

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Japanese Livelihood protection is the best, right?

47:2012/09/06() 00:49:23.14 ID:zoUOYdH30

It`s never true in Japan where government somehow try hard not to pay for public assistance.
Both are poor.

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I`ve said always we are right.

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If you have money, NEET is no problem.
If you have money.

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This is opinion of the world…

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