Saturday, September 8, 2012

If you could return to 1st grade of elementary school…..

1: No name 2012/09/06() 02:15:26.22 ID:axe5DNLh0

Whatever , making a lot of girlfriends, becoming predictor , studying again…

Are you confident to succeed?

2: No name 2012/09/06() 02:15:53.56 ID:9Ql6ayoQ0

I`m confident to lose virginity

5: No name 2012/09/06() 02:16:57.46 ID:GFENzw0T0

Tentatively, make money and live lazy

6: No name 2012/09/06() 02:17:08.35 ID:IQY1EASE0

I think nothing would change after all

7: No name 2012/09/06() 02:17:20.43 ID:bO6v8u3y0

I`d been popular person in class until junior high school,
So I try to do well in high school.

8: No name 2012/09/06() 02:17:54.31 ID:4YC6zSXn0

I wanna do kind thing to mother.

Now, I can`t no longer.

10: No name 2012/09/06() 02:18:07.31 ID:qleYs5An0

I`d do better than now.
But never be good looking.

13: No name 2012/09/06() 02:18:47.15 ID:7LnCckFq0

If solving infinitesimal calculs, I would be able to appear in TV as super kid.

14: No name 2012/09/06() 02:19:00.14 ID:cev6WEBf0

I`d make my parent buy Google stock.

19: No name 2012/09/06() 02:19:44.75 ID:XSJDIKHPO

I wanna be positive to everything.
For example, try to get girlfriend

21: No name 2012/09/06() 02:20:31.40 ID:YISMEsdQ0

Finally, I would be catch up with someone…

24: No name 2012/09/06() 02:21:39.55 ID:v+bLSi540

If pedophilia , just returning child is already success.

25: No name 2012/09/06() 02:22:14.63 ID:RqDxSD6m0

Just increasing time to do something you like is valuable enough.
Studying again is good, playing again is not bad.

27: No name 2012/09/06() 02:22:56.07 ID:hBgCoz9R0

I`m confidence to get many girlfriends and succeed.

But I wanna live in this era.

30: 2012/09/06() 02:24:05.46 ID:h0FqO6ZG0

If returning, you wouldn`t try hard anything, right?

35: No name 2012/09/06() 02:26:52.99 ID:eqx8aeRPO


I will try hard.
I`ve already known the result from not making any effort.

32: No name 2012/09/06() 02:26:30.62 ID:oTzfuX7X0

I must succeed.
And my face isn`t bad.

33: No name 2012/09/06() 02:26:43.78 ID:9cYfzj/10

I can`t stand to attend to PE again

38: No name 2012/09/06() 02:29:21.71 ID:GAeL5zgr0

It`s no sense,
After all, I`m me.
Being lazy is obvious.

40: No name 2012/09/06() 02:30:48.10 ID:m0JWz66I0

I think I can`t talk with other children because of difference in brain.

41: No name 2012/09/06() 02:30:59.80 ID:PC2hKL6X0

Can I return with physical strength?
If so, I aim to take part in Olympic.

44: No name 2012/09/06() 02:32:33.50 ID:nMGRkGix0

My personality is terrible so I`ll false

48: No name 2012/09/06() 02:42:51.68 ID:+0Yy6qZv0

I have to undergo bullying again…

51: No name 2012/09/06() 02:46:30.53 ID:GqagItUL0

I never return.
However much returning, my parent are on bad term.
If I can get rid of all obstacle is unclear.

And I can`t stand to live while anticipating unhappy future is coming.

55: No name 2012/09/06() 02:58:32.62 ID:+0Yy6qZv0

I can approach girls legally if returning…

57: No name 2012/09/06() 03:05:29.87 ID:aZ3Y75kP0

eturning is no sense because of my ugly face

59: No name 2012/09/06() 03:11:19.12 ID:lPrg4vC70

I study the economy and take precaution until financial crisis in 2008

61: No name 2012/09/06() 03:16:55.29 ID:GLUh7BDv0

It`s clear that I`d be lazy and become worth than now

63: No name 2012/09/06() 03:22:55.99 ID:1eqnCsI+0

Making money is easy by investigation.
After making money , I`ll searching why I could return.
It`s more interesting.

64: No name 2012/09/06() 03:27:06.35 ID:JvGTZLCXO

You would certainly go to high rank high school or university.
But it`s new life you haven`t undergone yet so your information is useful.

66: No name 2012/09/06() 03:30:47.49 ID:B7hO6SEF0

I think repeating 6 years in elementary school again is distressing.

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