Wednesday, September 12, 2012

If you can sent message only single word to yourself in 5 years ago…

1 :No name:2010/10/15(金) 17:28:24.78 ID:4yzQNyF+0

You`ll get crazy, but recover completely after all.

2 :No name:2010/10/15(金) 17:29:17.46 ID:QYrL+L3E0

You will regret if being selfish

7 :No name:2010/10/15(金) 17:30:35.45 ID:QWWh9ftV0

Don`t try to start bussiness

10 :No name:2010/10/15(金) 17:31:06.76 ID:y9d0NaOb0

Use a condom

23 :No name:2010/10/15(金) 17:33:57.97 ID:9FHrNtAv0

Don`t participate.

Whatever you are said, go home.

If you do that, your honor will be safety.

26 :No name:2010/10/15(金) 17:34:31.14 ID:5IuG+1Q00

 Throw your PC out right now.

30 :No name:2010/10/15(金) 17:35:09.67 ID:7YmPoaKX0

Tell person who you love “I love you”

49 :No name:2010/10/15(金) 17:37:48.59 ID:kRFHiwzjO

Break with Yasuda

56 :No name:2010/10/15(金) 17:38:24.17 ID:g/LbpyxeO

Go out home or you`ll take 20 million Yen debt

59 :No name:2010/10/15(金) 17:38:43.90 ID:Nsj0xrVhO

If you miss marriage now, you`ll regret in 5 years.

60 :No name:2010/10/15(金) 17:38:45.35 ID:2dIf+dzIO

You overeat

81 :No name:2010/10/15(金) 17:41:47.90 ID:SRoiT7Ud0

Don`t start Online game.

83 :No name:2010/10/15(金) 17:42:26.47 ID:enDuaBcU0

Be on good term with sister.

Or you`ll break with.

87 :No name:2010/10/15(金) 17:43:06.48 ID:kTYVAOxCO

Don`t show off.

88 :No name:2010/10/15(金) 17:43:06.83 ID:w9bllN/10

Don`t smoke.
The price will be raised up and I worry now.

90 :No name:2010/10/15(金) 17:43:37.32 ID:AHswcOmlO

Work! promptly!

92 ::2010/10/15(金) 17:44:06.62 ID:1mC9k6l8O

See doctor

139 :No name:2010/10/15(金) 17:53:11.19 ID:pAA3NVNV0

Don`t succeed you in the family business!

142 :No name:2010/10/15(金) 17:54:01.30 ID:lAulJxDhO

5 years after, you`ll say “5 years ago was the happiest”

160 :No name:2010/10/15(金) 18:02:13.12 ID:yxIaTRxlO

You will meet person who you love, can`t forget within a year.
Be friend by graduation.
If possible, tell him that you love even if you and he are man

165 :No name:2010/10/15(金) 18:03:40.67 ID:tjcK/WgHO
Take care of your friend

171 :No name:2010/10/15(金) 18:04:12.11 ID:85P/13a6O

Do only things you like.

And don`t take female hormone.

178 :No name:2010/10/15(金) 18:06:38.94 ID:mPq+Qy1UO

Take your mother to hospital.
Or you can`t eat mother`s meal forever.

187 :No name:2010/10/15(金) 18:10:21.83 ID:NIf+4Syp0

You will be disability person 3 years after.

194 :No name:2010/10/15(金) 18:12:02.95 ID:3/xjYyDqO

Apologize to father.
You`ll regret.

197 :No name:2010/10/15(金) 18:14:35.13 ID:iQlEn9r6O

I think it`s shocking for 32 years old of you.
You can`t marry.
And you`ll be crazy about Anime and be geek.

229 :No name:2010/10/15(金) 18:26:57.66 ID:OY0AeX3h0

Save money

284 :No name:2010/10/15(金) 18:52:22.07 ID:NBgncECA0

Don`t buy motorbike!

315 :No name:2010/10/15(金) 19:11:20.87 ID:wp3g8fUNO

 Don`t borrow money to others.

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