Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Expose your secret that you`ve never said

.1 忍法帖【Lv=40,xxxPT 2012/09/04() 02:26:40.11 ID:BirAQEwY0

Had a behavior that suck my finger until junior high school

9No name2012/09/04() 02:29:02.54 ID:FMfpq0mt0

Correct only peeping in HDD

12No name2012/09/04() 02:29:20.88 ID:wyOFPkXmO

Drink my sperm after onanism

28No name2012/09/04() 02:31:02.73 ID:4ebXTX9k0

Me too

192No name2012/09/04() 02:54:19.92 ID:HY3Y+mQ80

I do it too

770No name2012/09/04() 07:13:37.45 ID:zC36Mt5C0
We can take nutrition and save tissue, killing two birds with one stone.

18No name2012/09/04() 02:29:44.26 ID:0bNaiZiAO


84 忍法帖【Lv=10,xxxPT(1+015) 2012/09/04() 02:37:42.48 ID:qMgBnWO30

You are the same as me lol

47No name2012/09/04() 02:32:56.81 ID:QeOZobqh0
I have raped my sister

84 忍法帖【Lv=10,xxxPT(1+015) 2012/09/04() 02:37:42.48 ID:qMgBnWO30

Tell detail

130No name2012/09/04() 02:43:18.69 ID:QeOZobqh0
When I was 13, sister was 16.
She had be going to travel with friend, and I accompanied them because was on good terms with also her friend.
Ma sister and I had slept in same room, and I raped.
I had masturbated with her underwear since before.
It`s all.

140No name2012/09/04() 02:44:00.14 ID:veVk3mAu0
And after it?

185No name2012/09/04() 02:53:04.63 ID:QeOZobqh0
Of course I apologized but she`ve never spoken with me from that time to now.
Even if eating meal together, she behave as if I`m not,

203No name2012/09/04() 02:56:50.52 ID:rigabvln0

You inserted?

380No name2012/09/04() 03:35:39.32 ID:QeOZobqh0

I did
Lost my virgin with her lol

27No name2012/09/04() 02:31:02.28 ID:uO+xCUUjO

Like onanism while wearing female clothes.

35No name2012/09/04() 02:31:44.61 ID:cgI31Gvj0

Suck my brother`s
Was sucked by brother

40No name2012/09/04() 02:32:21.45 ID:6BSygEXz0
That I like looking down on friends, it`s my lust.

42No name2012/09/04() 02:32:28.31 ID:WVDTdrTo0

Masturbated almost everyday
Pussy smells very bad.

50No name2012/09/04() 02:33:21.95 ID:fbY8DLQX0


52No name2012/09/04() 02:33:29.30 ID:gMpa7PV90

Ass hair like forest

56No name2012/09/04() 02:34:01.45 ID:yKL88qgJ0

Like appearance of penis

59No name2012/09/04() 02:34:49.80 ID:KwNW4/DuO
Masturbated only with anime or Manga.

73 忍法帖【Lv=39,xxxPT(1+015) 2012/09/04() 02:36:35.92 ID:jqF4QXl60

I can`t stop vomiting.
I should die.

77No name2012/09/04() 02:36:53.42 ID:VcVTxjuD0

Can`t stop breaking wind

91No name2012/09/04() 02:38:16.52 ID:Kiw38ntMO

I have leaked shit 7 times for 7 years.

93No name2012/09/04() 02:38:25.83 ID:3+3e5rY/0

Though I`m not student, wear gym uniform and masturbate.
In closet, There are a lot of gym shorts covered with sperm

94No name2012/09/04() 02:38:31.86 ID:OKnjC69a0

I can`t believe that guy who will be 24 very soon leak shit…


103No name2012/09/04() 02:39:37.28 ID:XNlLWgb00

Don`t warry, I have a toilet accident at least once a year

122No name2012/09/04() 02:42:08.04 ID:nx2Yz9Yj0

Sexed with another woman when my child was born

127No name2012/09/04() 02:43:08.57 ID:veVk3mAu0


125No name2012/09/04() 02:42:51.22 ID:ier5D1eI0

When sex with my girlfriend, think about Saki Aibu while shutting my eyes..

128No name2012/09/04() 02:43:12.34 ID:3EYPo5ma0

129No name2012/09/04() 02:43:16.08 ID:z20F1LRQ0

Suck my dick myself, and drink sperm

142No name2012/09/04() 02:44:19.44 ID:83e4yBLEO

Walk around when school is over.

152No name2012/09/04() 02:45:57.96 ID:t09y5awK0
I`m also pedo.
I love girl under 12.

155 忍法帖【Lv=40,xxxPT(1+015) 2012/09/04() 02:46:16.18 ID:BirAQEwY0

My ass hair is too much so tie it.

163No name2012/09/04() 02:48:36.24 ID:2jF5EuDB0

I`ve made movie for slandering my friend and updated it,

173No name2012/09/04() 02:50:41.72 ID:F8KDfzSS0

When visiting Italy, defecated in the train.

186No name2012/09/04() 02:53:37.53 ID:voRjd6k50

There are only abnormal in this thread.

I had put my pee on my girlfriend bicycle

200No name2012/09/04() 02:56:24.69 ID:EQ5hxTzm0
I remember put my sperm on my cute classmate`s saddle of bicycle t

187No name2012/09/04() 02:53:44.27 ID:+ZPQp5F/0
You expose to here so it`s not secret.
You guys are liar

195No name2012/09/04() 02:54:59.17 ID:qHGFD23M0
Guys in here aren`t human.

190No name2012/09/04() 02:54:17.59 ID:YwG64Yei0

What in here is only shit and fly not human.

193No name2012/09/04() 02:54:22.60 ID:56S123870
I and my brother suck our penis each other.
My mother was angry while crying but I can`t understand.
I really wanna forget.

222No name2012/09/04() 02:59:45.42 ID:ytjn4fQf0
Visit one temple to see statue of Buddha
In dark temple fire on candle was so voluptuous and there was no one by chance, so I did onanism.

228No name2012/09/04() 03:01:27.84 ID:O9RhGWmL0
Statue of Buddha onanism

233No name2012/09/04() 03:03:08.74 ID:acP87Ba30

Statue of Buddha onanism is too accused

246No name2012/09/04() 03:07:27.51 ID:ytjn4fQf0

No problem, I received my sperm with tissue

253No name2012/09/04() 03:08:34.44 ID:O9RhGWmL0

It`s not matter lol
You are excited with Statue?

267No name2012/09/04() 03:11:59.07 ID:ytjn4fQf0

Double thrill because of someone should come and being in front of statue of Buddha.

275No name2012/09/04() 03:13:50.45 ID:O9RhGWmL0


I thought you are crazy about statue.

224No name2012/09/04() 03:00:42.69 ID:U2PK1fqD0
Play with dolls before sleeping

327No name2012/09/04() 03:23:56.46 ID:pZ5sxYeJ0
Love each other with high school boy

329No name2012/09/04() 03:24:23.65 ID:Ciw9ouB/0
The matter is your sexual

355 忍法帖【Lv=40,xxxPT(1+015) 2012/09/04() 03:29:54.94 ID:gct7kuLF0

Onanism with ladyboy

358No name2012/09/04() 03:30:24.16 ID:O9RhGWmL0

Don`t worry, me too

361No name2012/09/04() 03:31:06.06 ID:GnqR5lJJ0

I was sexual toy of my brother`s friend when 6 years old

364No name2012/09/04() 03:31:28.97 ID:pBZbmxjf0

I`m a Father but sprinkled on image on the Virgin Mary at confession room in church.

370No name2012/09/04() 03:32:37.31 ID:veVk3mAu0

Confess! lol

374No name 2012/09/04() 03:34:13.79 ID:m45Poih/i


368No name2012/09/04() 03:32:27.91 ID:PTmYnR5Y0

Try to do onanism with gay video.

I regret it so much…

376No name2012/09/04() 03:34:59.48 ID:e7zs/1X70
I became father when high school

377No name2012/09/04() 03:35:17.12 ID:O9RhGWmL0

Kiss and shake each other with friend`s sister.

383No name2012/09/04() 03:35:51.36 ID:KyZafPW+0

Imagine tearful face of woman when first time meeting.

395 No name2012/09/04() 03:39:05.52 ID:wICcFE/+0

I had made big dog in grandfather`s house insert his penis into my ass.

405No name2012/09/04() 03:41:44.67 ID:1Q5Zxfwu0

Sometime eat nose dirt

429No name2012/09/04() 03:53:23.78 ID:3/G8OUGa0

Well, I tried to rape my sister recently

449No name2012/09/04() 04:00:43.31 ID:YXhDoZw+0
When junior high school, I put my sperm collected the day in restroom in girl`s curry who I loved.

620No name2012/09/04() 05:27:19.58 ID:PosnXmaq0

I`ve made cat suck my penis

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