Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I`ll talk the story when I bestrewed shit with nurse.

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I write it.

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Thank you.
It was when 5 years pupil in elementary school.
One morning I felt acute pain on stomach and fever. My mother suspect it`s cause of virus that influenced at the time.

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Pain on stomach calmed down while going to hospital by car but I kept it secret to truant school.

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Doctor asked
Do you have any pain? Did you pee in morning?
So I answer peed, have stomachache though no pain in fact.
It was beginning of tragedy.

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Doctor told unbelievable indication.
`Ok, You have stomachache but I can`t collect urine because of doing already so
Give you enema`

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Doctor promptly made nurse to take me inside of room.
And I was sitting down something like box, was made take off pants and underwear.

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And then nurse told me to get down on all fours.

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I did as she told.
Nurse `well little bit painful but put up with`
Something thin come into my ass and very painful,
`Oooooouch! Hurt!`
I cried and young nurse came in a fluster.

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I felt so painful that collapse my pause.
Nurse `keep his leg stop!!`
Young nurse `Yes!`
I was hold my legs by young nurse and she drew enema from my ass some second after.

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Nurse `OK, All rig…`


Young nurse `Ah!`
I leaked.
Nothing is as shameful as this in the life…
I noticed young nurse face is covered with my wet sloppy shit.

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Oh ,,,lol

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The matter is whether The young nurse was cute

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I think she was cute

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Then, young nurse covered her face with towel and ran to washroom.
Old nurse told me.
`It was great splash! That new nurse don`t do as her told, Good Job! `
I was praised.
And I and my mother was called by doctor.
He told `He seemed to be like splash!` and was laughing, my mother seemed not to understand at all.
My mother asked me what is splash on the way back home so I kept silently all way.

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 I`m jealous.

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