Friday, August 31, 2012

Punk rockers look weak


1anonymous2012/08/30() 10:50:40.76 ID:d8xvhvYB0
They`re too thin
Conversely, hip hoper looks like Gang and strong.

2anonymous2012/08/30() 10:51:16.26 ID:zGLNrsXS0

Strength is no sense

3anonymous2012/08/30() 10:51:18.68 ID:hGqxzNUR0

We never fight.
Because it`s rock.

6anonymous2012/08/30() 10:52:06.50 ID:d8xvhvYB0

Despite they claim anti-society ,are weak.
Not cool.

Jazz musician is also kind of strong.

7anonymous2012/08/30() 10:52:06.87 ID:7rkeYMIR0


10anonymous2012/08/30() 10:53:23.68 ID:qKH6JC5K0

I am the strongest fighter in Osaka.

11anonymous2012/08/30() 10:53:38.52 ID:+pE7asLAO

If you knew Jean-Jacques Burnel, you wouldn`t say such stupid opinion.

12anonymous2012/08/30() 10:53:50.08 ID:d8xvhvYB0

Heavy metaler and hard rocker are macho,strong.
Their necks are thick.

15anonymous2012/08/30() 10:54:27.73 ID:IOe92+af0

Is groovy outdated?

16anonymous2012/08/30() 10:54:58.61 ID:TPQOJh8H0

Imagination against rock is Junky rather than strong.

21anonymous2012/08/30() 10:56:32.56 ID:Pg7Pg83d0


Weak and thin image

Macho punk rocker is funny.

17anonymous2012/08/30() 10:55:45.87 ID:dKp4iM5y0

Death metal is the strongest.

18anonymous2012/08/30() 10:55:57.19 ID:YhknGyeT0

Essence of punk isn`t fighting.

SEX, drug, violence.

19anonymous2012/08/30() 10:56:21.08 ID:6DsVrm7J0

In this 21 century world, why do we need to be strong?

20anonymous2012/08/30() 10:56:27.35 ID:d8xvhvYB0

Rocker is only thin nerd elated.
Heavy metaler`s muscle is just appearance.

Hip Hop is the strongest.

22anonymous2012/08/30() 10:57:31.58 ID:ZlFj1TT2P


26anonymous2012/08/30() 11:00:35.49 ID:TlLwTQf/0
Punks break their bones themselves in live.

What a weak!

27anonymous2012/08/30() 11:00:46.63 ID:lf2xyP/g0

HIP HOPjust pretend to be strong
HR/HM= Macho

Metal is the strongest.
The thing is HIP HOP fashion lets them look strong.

29anonymous2012/08/30() 11:00:51.93 ID:/dds6TIQ0

Sid Vicious looks like strong

30anonymous2012/08/30() 11:01:11.73 ID:d8xvhvYB0

Why punks hang big padlock on the neck?

42anonymous2012/08/30() 11:15:36.01 ID:DBJBlG130

Copy of Sid

31anonymous2012/08/30() 11:02:10.16 ID:wxfSMcGD0

I`ve read that their life is unhealthy because of alcohol, smoke and drug so they are weak.

32anonymous2012/08/30() 11:03:18.59 ID:oPJKBBVi0

You guys don`t understand.

Rockers are so crazy that they never hesitate to hit someone.

34anonymous2012/08/30() 11:03:43.03 ID:d8xvhvYB0
Korean go to military service.
K-pop is also strong.

35anonymous2012/08/30() 11:04:06.60 ID:lYcK4J4h0

Music doesn`t matter anymore lol

36anonymous2012/08/30() 11:04:22.42 ID:Z5KTT8Or0

Look at the Misfits

38anonymous2012/08/30() 11:08:46.59 ID:3im9aZWJ0

HIP HOP is originally black music.
They have long history have been discriminated by white so not to make fun, prefer to strong fashion.

39anonymous2012/08/30() 11:11:28.97 ID:u/yxGR5Z0

The strongest is SEIKIMATSU

They are devils, people can`t win.

41anonymous2012/08/30() 11:12:47.48 ID:Fwa0m6SJO

But people who I want to avoid is punks

45anonymous2012/08/30() 11:19:08.52 ID:x3+S1ngv0

Recent rapper is only high educated Snob, isn`t it?

47anonymous2012/08/30() 11:21:01.17 ID:3K3zOTq/O
They put piece on what with nose and mouth, so I seem to win by pulling.

51anonymous2012/08/30() 11:25:41.42 ID:d8xvhvYB0

Fighting ranking



Heavy metal

Pops , rock



43anonymous2012/08/30() 11:17:24.66 ID:SO1URvpG0

Fighting is work of monkey or dog.

48anonymous2012/08/30() 11:21:11.07 ID:9b9M/GWP0
We don`t come to blow after becoming adult

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