Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Facebook was outdated Big wave of Google+

1: 2012/07/31() 15:34:24.69 ID:4MwPzh5yP BE:1192821072-PLT(12000)

Addiction, fail of the IPO…many issues were provided by Facebook.
It has been well-known social net service for us Japanese. But renectly, it has been overcame by Google+.
Though Facebook has been regarded as additional service, why it was disliked by user?

Fail of Facebook isn`t origined directly by fail of  IPO.
Recently search in America indicated that 60% user is satisfied by system of Facebook.
It looks good outcome but many user is angry to Timeline introduced.
Timeline as it name suggests enable us to uplode and sare information by age.
At first glance, It is useful. But problem is that downloding profile once, never change to new one.

If search `timeline` with google, `delete` or  `forcing`  will appear promptly. Everyone is suffering. Other problems are disclosure of personal informations, too many advertisements and more.
In fact, now Twitter and Wikipedia have more popularity than Facebook.
And User`s attention is focusing on Google+.

For 1 year 250000000User resister on it, and for a day 75000000 users watch.
Google+ have the edge over Facebook in point of no troublesome advertisement and cooperate with Google service.
It may be able to become the most popular social net service in not only quantity but also quality.


2: (長野県) 2012/07/31() 15:35:29.93 ID:VRFS0ukG0

>It has been well-known social net service for us Japanese.

It hasn`t.

7: 2012/07/31() 15:36:24.27 ID:WY4Wl7Vv0

Anonymity is the best.

8: 2012/07/31() 15:37:53.34 ID:uz92kpFJ0

I use Google+ just diary and depository of porn images.

9: 2012/07/31() 15:38:40.74 ID:uaKRvs+T0

Facebook force me self identification strictly so I resigned.
Such service mustn`t be popular.

11: 2012/07/31() 15:40:32.69 ID:kBxcxlaF0

Facebook is what stupid people use.

12: 2012/07/31() 15:40:32.96 ID:O5TUbj1S0

My Friend who is AKB48 fun said popularity of Google+ is caused by fact that AKB48 members use it, also worldly.

I think he is stupid…

14: 2012/07/31() 15:43:48.65 ID:HOeggjAK0

There is no one use Google+ around me.
Just I don`t know?

16: 2012/07/31() 15:44:01.56 ID:G/nG0Lk+0

I was suggested by my friend but ignored.

17: 2012/07/31() 15:44:42.57 ID:okczcJcc0

Facebook is excellence as tool for keeping connection with real friends.

But I felt trouble some my friend has shared issues regarding of anti nuclear power generation deaperately.
So I avoid it.

Recently I use it as chatting tool some of my friends.

19: 2012/07/31() 15:50:20.93 ID:upkBtjrI0

In finally all are created for people who has many friends.
But I not…

23: 2012/07/31() 15:53:03.83 ID:3d+HiTGP0

Social service and Net contents are tools for people who has many friends basically.

26: 2012/07/31() 15:55:03.95 ID:fbK8zrrd0

I use Google+ just for watching AKB48.

29: 2012/07/31() 16:00:44.42 ID:AA+HtrIX0
me too.

30: 2012/07/31() 16:01:43.85 ID:PGTFxTXE0

It is communication tool AKB48 and their funs rather than social net service.
If not follow, popular posts are appeared. Usually AKB members post are appeard.

33: 2012/07/31() 16:08:47.30 ID:6U9XqHJz0

I use it for AKB, but I haven`t post ever.

40: 2012/07/31() 16:39:44.27 ID:oJACuXWI0

What do you expect for social net service?
It is just annoying.

41: 2012/07/31() 16:41:35.48 ID:U4Jhx/sy0

Fools who give personal information voluntarily for Google.

42: 2012/07/31() 17:24:49.64 ID:2ZdUbmnL0

Facebook is the strongest.
It is overwhelming particulaly in abroad exception America.

34: (SB-iPhone) 2012/07/31() 16:10:45.53 ID:F6LM1d58i

I was tired of social net service.

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