Thursday, August 30, 2012

What living thing is the strongest in ocean?

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9anonymous2012/08/30() 05:33:27.00 ID:KAPYgyq1O

Sperm whale

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10anonymous2012/08/30() 05:33:29.82 ID:OXNnYZ3m0

It`s orca

12anonymous2012/08/30() 05:34:09.21 ID:WHjeQ07W0

Whale is strong

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14anonymous2012/08/30() 05:34:47.28 ID:7rhXetxX0

A whales is like an elephant.

15anonymous2012/08/30() 05:35:08.26 ID:ixrmyCGC0

Nothing can`t win to blue whole.
Extraordinary size

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20anonymous2012/08/30() 05:36:15.31 ID:Z0UyosDxO

Bleu whale`s rib is as big as me. They are bigger than dinosaur

27anonymous2012/08/30() 05:38:13.90 ID:KAPYgyq1O

They are the biggest even if dinosaur include, right?

76anonymous2012/08/30() 06:05:42.45 ID:d1+GxMuo0


A model of blue whale was put on outside of dinosaur exhibition, so dinosaurs look small.

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Shark is only food of orca.
After all, they are fish, never can win to mammalian.

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35anonymous2012/08/30() 05:39:23.01 ID:39xuiY+H0

Even 10m squid is eaten by whale.

39anonymous2012/08/30() 05:39:55.90 ID:pxNWsSzWO

In the one to one battle, Whale is the strongest.
But top of the food chain is orca.

45anonymous2012/08/30() 05:42:13.22 ID:GyfwMG0u0

Attacking champion is Great White Shark

Defense champion is Crysomallon squamiferum

51anonymous2012/08/30() 05:43:10.26 ID:WHjeQ07W0

Orca, whale, shark, they are similar strong.

54anonymous2012/08/30() 05:45:55.25 ID:kWEprkR10

Shark hasn`t change their form since long time ago.
It is proof of they are strong to survival.

55anonymous2012/08/30() 05:46:46.99 ID:WHjeQ07W0

I must be fainted if 10 m size fish appear in front of me while swimming.
Only imagination, it is frightening

56anonymous2012/08/30() 05:47:15.55 ID:ZjEkIh360

Shark is eaten by orca

58anonymous2012/08/30() 05:48:16.28 ID:pxNWsSzWO

Shark is killed by Dolphin`s tackle

59anonymous2012/08/30() 05:48:22.75 ID:jQOirvUE0

Great squid is eaten by sperm whale.
Sperm whale is eaten by orca.
Main cause of death of Orca is shark.
Shark is killed by great squid when diving deeply.

It is kind of loop.

60anonymous2012/08/30() 05:50:13.12 ID:NG+BtcoZ0


Great squid put scar on sperm whale`s face though they`re eaten.

61anonymous2012/08/30() 05:50:57.92 ID:jf+xDmkfO

Orca is clever.

64anonymous2012/08/30() 05:51:40.89 ID:ZjEkIh360

Orcas work as team.

Some orca make big wave and fall seal from ice.

65anonymous2012/08/30() 05:54:42.93 ID:mjhOY23v0

The thing is Orca means person belong to hades

66anonymous2012/08/30() 05:55:24.06 ID:WHjeQ07W0

Do you know whale is about 30m?

75anonymous2012/08/30() 06:03:39.36 ID:Z0UyosDxO


Bleu whale is about 30m and sperm whale is about 18m

80anonymous2012/08/30() 06:15:14.30 ID:WHjeQ07W0


Which is more aggression?

8anonymous2012/08/30() 05:56:21.15 ID:jf+xDmkfO

When we face orca in fact, we will be surprised to their size.

72anonymous2012/08/30() 05:58:45.72 ID:Br3H+6Ly0

Basking shark is the most surprising ,if encountering in ocean

79anonymous2012/08/30() 06:10:06.01 ID:U2fkDNC2O

The woman who tames orca in Aquarium is the strongest.

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