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The true reason why pistol haven`t been used in Olympic

reference:The true reason why pistol haven`t been used in Olympic

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Do you know why pistol haven`t been used in Olympic?
The answer is that runner at the frthest point start remarlably slow.
It can`t be solved to use degital speaker.

Previously, the gunshot sounded at same time from speaker at back of runner.
But runner can`t start spontaneously until reaching real gunshot.
Peter Hurzeler working in Omega said he noticed time lag is generated even if using speaker.
`Michel Johnson reation by 0.44 seconds. Normaly, runners reaction from 0.13 to 0.14. So I asked him why he had started such slowly`
He made out at the race, Johnson was at 9th lane and gunshot reached him too late.
From Vancouver Olympic, Omega have transitioned to pistol silencer technology thet doesn`t dsound and succeeded to resolve time lag between 1st lane and9th lane.
The distance from pistol to the furthest runner is only 18m!
It`s amazing to count even speed of sound.wow...

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I read until` wow`

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you read all!!
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I looked foward to shot pistol at athletic meets.

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Firstly, why have pistol been  used until now?

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It can smoke and sound at same time.
For runners by sound, for measuring engagements by smoke, giving a signal.

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There is a possibilely the bulled fall and hit someone.

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It usually happened Middle East.
 Shotted salute fall and kill bride.

51::2012/08/02() 13:10:38.38 ID:qzy8WMEG0
Shot salute and American bomb was fallen.

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It will be resolved by using earphones and sound there

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cuz pigeons would be stanned

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When Shigeo Nagashima contracted starter of marathon at rainny day.
Mistaking the hand having umbrella and tha hand having pistol.
He shoted pistol near his ear.

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We can feel how sound is late when watching baseball match from outfield bleacher.

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I hope to see the scene that all of runners fall into pitfall right after pistol was sounded.

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I`ve heard that stopping using pistol cuz bloody mess pigeon fall after start.

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From the following, use Cannon!

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Use Lamp like F1 race.

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I think runner reaction move of next runnner rather than sound.

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It is late cuz next runner have started moving.

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How should deafness do?

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Runner at most end sound lately about 0.05 seconds.
It`s too long time lag.

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Sound is late beyond we think.

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I have thought problem of eardrums.

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Staffs try hard not to become ruin efforts for 4 years too.

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