Thursday, August 30, 2012

where country do you want to be born again?

 1::2012/08/29(水) 00:38:53.54 ID:7lMGf/EW0
I want to be American.
around west coast, LA or California

3::2012/08/29(水) 00:40:00.79 ID:vDDvpQUc0

4::2012/08/29(水) 00:40:09.66 ID:AQXk3pUr0

7::2012/08/29(水) 00:40:25.36 ID:bjNqKraW0
I don`t care about country, but want to be handsome

8::2012/08/29(水) 00:40:26.95 ID:7lMGf/EW0

USA is kind of magnificent.
I refuse just Asia.

9::2012/08/29(水) 00:40:36.88 ID:x4sxUD6j0

Monaco seems to be happy

13::2012/08/29(水) 00:41:41.16 ID:FAnTYN530

I wanna be born as beutiful girl, whereever

14::2012/08/29(水) 00:41:44.02 ID:7lMGf/EW0

The countries where is contact with Mediterranean
16::2012/08/29(水) 00:41:54.92 ID:qh4ktgrI0
I want to be born again as child of very rich parents who never tell me to work

19::2012/08/29(水) 00:42:24.32 ID:1PMBTwvC0

child of oil tycoon in Arab

21::2012/08/29(水) 00:42:53.00 ID:HDCwVRQr0

41::2012/08/29(水) 00:48:01.98 ID:UpWNpitH0

Me too.
Beutiful women seems to be many

46::2012/08/29(水) 00:49:08.57 ID:7lMGf/EW0
I prefer to Finland than Sweden

22::2012/08/29(水) 00:43:01.39 ID:7lMGf/EW0

I want to be beutiful rather than handsome.
lesbian beautiful woman

23::2012/08/29(水) 00:43:05.74 ID:PAYNrSOe0


28::2012/08/29(水) 00:44:11.15 ID:7lMGf/EW0
Why England?
Even for English,English meals is not good.
And temperture is not stability

64::2012/08/29(水) 00:55:48.73 ID:PAYNrSOe0
Because of cool

24::2012/08/29(水) 00:43:43.40 ID:TjHbKj1i0

Countryside of Europe
countryside of Swizerland, Finland or Bulgaria

31::2012/08/29(水) 00:44:40.44 ID:FArUeVm1O

I am tired of being human
I want to live as dolphin or mole

35::2012/08/29(水) 00:45:17.83 ID:7lMGf/EW0
In this world, you are already like moles

32::2012/08/29(水) 00:44:54.91 ID:x0yJ7Qoj0

I choose Japan again.
Whatever people say, peaceful and HENTAI is the best.

38::2012/08/29(水) 00:47:01.08 ID:7lMGf/EW0
I don`t think Japan is peaceful.

50::2012/08/29(水) 00:50:17.28 ID:x0yJ7Qoj0

Trying hard normaly and being happy normaly is enough.

58::2012/08/29(水) 00:53:31.10 ID:7lMGf/EW0

Is Japanese working enviroment better among developed country?
Company what have enough public welfare or women can be absent for childcare is a few.
33::2012/08/29(水) 00:44:55.31 ID:9FpiHv+mO

I wanna be born again beutiful girl in Anime, and do lesbian SEX with beautiful girl.

36::2012/08/29(水) 00:45:35.03 ID:6JBFwcm30

All you guys supposed only rich in the country dont`t you? lol!

37::2012/08/29(水) 00:45:41.92 ID:h7wwxpES0

I wanna born in New York

40::2012/08/29(水) 00:47:55.62 ID:7lMGf/EW0
In New York, summer is very hot, winter is very cold.

45::2012/08/29(水) 00:48:57.10 ID:Rs1Zbf7wO

Finally , Japan

48::2012/08/29(水) 00:49:51.58 ID:D5wTWm8B0

Japan is the best.
Exception Japan, I choose Europe

51::2012/08/29(水) 00:50:36.67 ID:4MIGHxhH0

rich white man

52::2012/08/29(水) 00:50:56.09 ID:1YekKRe+0

I wanna be Murohushi

53::2012/08/29(水) 00:51:36.34 ID:g8FzbBEA0

Japanese whose parent are Japanese and American

55::2012/08/29(水) 00:52:58.00 ID:tOYlmZeY0
I wanna live loose

56::2012/08/29(水) 00:53:07.76 ID:WISkZPNO0

I wanna play EROGE(Adult anime computer game) so I like Japan.

59::2012/08/29(水) 00:53:45.93 ID:07gL2YsgP

Anime is populer over the world.
But EROGE is privilege of japanese

65::2012/08/29(水) 00:56:14.05 ID:9QekoVGF0
I fed up popularity of white.
I am tired of human

67::2012/08/29(水) 00:57:49.63 ID:4XZPvh7s0


69::2012/08/29(水) 00:59:13.57 ID:4QBrNkig0
There is very peaceful

71: :2012/08/29(水) 00:59:28.00 ID:PCyKpQfFO

I don`t like asia.
Europe is good

73::2012/08/29(水) 01:02:22.64 ID:YL4YllLU0

Fiji or Palau

74::2012/08/29(水) 01:03:36.65 ID:7lMGf/EW0
In Asia I have no choise exception Japan

75::2012/08/29(水) 01:05:23.28 ID:9ptpzEz00
Now, I work in europe company.

8:00 attendance
18:00 End of work

It is typecaly normative day.
Over time workers are a few. And we have to go out company by 19:00.
Sammer and winter vacation are both 3 weeks. 5 weeks vacation is put in spring.
I think it`s typical in France, Spanish, Italy, Greek.

78::2012/08/29(水) 01:08:57.02 ID:7lMGf/EW0

I have heard it in lecture in univercity.
But Japanese have to work over time without overtime payment....
I am jealous

77::2012/08/29(水) 01:07:55.18 ID:FQ5CH9/20

Space alian

79::2012/08/29(水) 01:09:35.27 ID:1pytcAlY0

Russian beuty

83::2012/08/29(水) 01:16:53.36 ID:jE7aObRs0

French. like Vincent Cassel`s face

76::2012/08/29(水) 01:05:25.32 ID:6o9JCdCO0

Almost all of people who choose Japan is because of Anime lol!


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