Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The 9 years old girl married with 37 years old man is too beautiful

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The girl in white dress from Arab.
Today, she will marry 37 yeas old man who is older than herself even 28 years

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8::2012/07/28() 01:23:38.99 ID:Cwdyn2UA0

It`s so enviable that I`m about to die.

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20::2012/07/28() 01:27:16.40 ID:VZ5GgIcN0

Are things cheap in Arab?
All of my proper is approximately 500,000Yhen. Will I be able to live whole life in Arab?

25::2012/07/28() 01:29:21.08 ID:r2Gy6nIoO


Arab is one of the richest county over the world.

28::2012/07/28() 01:30:49.29 ID:VqyUYvos0

They are certainly richer than us…

23::2012/07/28() 01:29:18.15 ID:yqKQmqdA0

Too cute

30::2012/07/28() 01:32:05.56 ID:LjGxZY1l0

If she gives birth to a child soon after marriage, She and her child are different only 10years. It`s great that when she will be 40, she has 30 years old child.

39::2012/07/28() 01:37:12.86 ID:1gtMzGqm0

Girls experiences menses about 10 years old.
So It`s just normal phiciologically.

41::2012/07/28() 01:39:04.94 ID:9u3Inarg0

In Arab, Polygamy systems are run.
Social power seems to be presented by number of wives.

Frankly speaking, I envy him.
Why isn`t Japan crude oil producing country?

53::2012/07/28() 01:48:52.77 ID:U8cqziXIO

So lovely…
If she were about 25, I intend to rob her.

57 2012/07/28() 01:50:10.40 ID:k+yz+GBN0

If I marry with a girl around that years old, I can`t regard her as wife but daughter.

59::2012/07/28() 01:52:37.11 ID:M3+b0xIn0

What an enviable!!!!!!

92::2012/07/28() 02:16:45.98 ID:t/0qbdl+O

It is correct as culture. The system is advantageous for breeding.

109::2012/07/28() 03:32:08.88 ID:d7oMYlIx0

Her face appears to be about 20.

110::2012/07/28() 03:39:25.59 ID:rmTlagR40

I wish to be born an rich man in Arab in hereafter.

123::2012/07/28() 05:05:37.75 ID:lEWlgjbLO

People should allow for her human right.

127::2012/07/28() 05:19:39.10 ID:9zACSb2G0


We can`t claim it.
Japanese girls had forced to marry with who they didn`t know even faces too.

135::2012/07/28() 06:08:21.70 ID:j1rJeRWkO

Oh lovely!
But 9 years old is too young. I suggest marry with 10 yeas old girls.

150::2012/07/28() 06:37:04.87 ID:6jO9pYc+0

I should have be born in Arab.

155::2012/07/28() 06:42:36.04 ID:2FArpNG60

All you guys say that enviable, but imagine not only from side of man but also her.
It is too bad that marry with man she dosen`t know.

159::2012/07/28() 06:48:28.07 ID:nasEHaHK0


But that man is rich.
she has been ensured that she can live luxury, traveling abroad, buying expensive good…
My sister will become 40 years old soon, but she is single and temporally worker.
Now she is in effort to find job, as being fired soon.
Which is happy?

179::2012/07/28() 07:27:12.59 ID:Es/rsNdZ0

Thank to this marriage, all her family can live luxury too, can`t them?

158::2012/07/28() 06:48:06.88 ID:n5q3hysV0


Arab girls are so good.

160::2012/07/28() 06:49:12.81 ID:pj/9QnJq0


The right girl on 2nd picture, is lively.

214::2012/07/28() 11:26:26.57 ID:FX5XLjnN0

Middle East ladies are really beautiful.
Though men are who are bearded.

183::2012/07/28() 07:38:44.91 ID:gpoLYS4SO

I envy…

191::2012/07/28() 08:32:23.49 ID:yFO9hjjq0

Japanese goverment should permit us it too.

198::2012/07/28() 09:11:51.80 ID:4biLArSvO

I had anticipated little innocence child is glad by dress.
But she is so beautiful like adult woman,

201::2012/07/28() 09:23:01.22 ID:NOXCp2kB0

It`s too enviable.
Death penalty.

163::2012/07/28() 06:52:27.48 ID:oFoq4hto0

She mustn`t be enough reasonable because of too young.

166::2012/07/28() 06:54:17.19 ID:VCjebqVTO

It`s getting new father for her rather than marriage.

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