Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ranking of World Main City is established!


1anonymous2012/07/28() 07:02:58.73 ID:UadB4hJ50

AAA New York
AAB  Washington
ABB  London Paris Tokyo
BBB   Moscow Berlin Beijing Shanghai
BBC  Brussels
BCC Wine Geneva
CCC Roma Los Angels San Francisco  Singapore  Hong Kong

2anonymous2012/07/28() 07:03:41.58 ID:o0RDYxoy0

Is Washington such higher rank?

3anonymous2012/07/28() 07:03:49.17 ID:Iv2Cgyxu0

Tokyo is the top in the point of economic power.

7anonymous2012/07/28() 07:16:15.30 ID:H3jcAO/r0

London and Paris are higher than Washington.

8anonymous2012/07/28() 07:17:07.94 ID:dY5DnRSI0

Why did you calassificate so complicatedly?

912012/07/28() 07:17:10.74 ID:UadB4hJ50
It is based on evaluation of think tank, culture, number of UN agencies, economy, and Politics.

37anonymous2012/07/28() 08:13:20.97 ID:Va4aDzoR0

London, New York, Paris, Tokyo are Top4.
Washington is much lower than them.

10anonymous2012/07/28() 07:17:46.09 ID:06ywVlnvI

Why isn`t there Soul

12anonymous2012/07/28() 07:19:12.12 ID:TZR6OyRT0

Roma is such low?
How Milan and Naples?

21anonymous2012/07/28() 07:34:37.37 ID:UadB4hJ50


Italy is obviously weak at economic and political effective power among EU.

23anonymous2012/07/28() 07:42:39.02 ID:IkpQl1tYP


Cairo Riyadh Istanbul Sydney Buenos Aires.
Do no country of them reach CCC?

24anonymous2012/07/28() 07:47:32.46 ID:UadB4hJ50


I`m puzzled at Sydney. The others are cut cuz of politic, economy, anxiety of the international situation.
And Enumerating too much country is endless.

16anonymous2012/07/28() 07:23:04.74 ID:nuRbuSHM0

Washington is capital but not big city.

17anonymous2012/07/28() 07:23:22.35 ID:ExKGDxzu0

But Washington is more important than Tokyo.

18anonymous2012/07/28() 07:24:13.47 ID:IkpQl1tYP

It isn`t `world` ranking in the point of that south America, west Asia and Australia isn`t entered.

19anonymous2012/07/28() 07:24:14.92 ID:zNI4NPvYP

How San Paul?

21anonymous2012/07/28() 07:34:37.37 ID:UadB4hJ50


Those cities lower than cities in ranking.
Particularly San Paul is populous and large but slum spread. Undeveloped as city.

22anonymous2012/07/28() 07:39:59.85 ID:xoJxIQ0G0

There isn`t Puda plague

25anonymous2012/07/28() 07:48:26.38 ID:xoJxIQ0G0

Istanbul is larger than the capital?

26anonymous2012/07/28() 07:55:06.64 ID:UadB4hJ50


Larger than Ankara. Firstly Istanbul was capital.
But Turkey is disputing with Europe about issue of human right so can`t join to EU and exert influence. So I cut

28anonymous2012/07/28() 07:58:54.12 ID:IkpQl1tYP

You guy discriminate from country.
Evaluate as city purely.
Firstly, you are pettiness because you regard EU as central of the world.

33anonymous2012/07/28() 08:08:18.19 ID:UadB4hJ50


I mean that Joining to EU allow Istanbul to increase potential that the agencies of EU or NATO, and importance.

30anonymous2012/07/28() 07:59:54.73 ID:MDC33jbq0

Enter Chicago and Philadelphia.

36anonymous2012/07/28() 08:12:07.90 ID:UadB4hJ50

Certainly, Chicago is the 3rd city of America. But Detroit and Pittsburgh are as large as Chicago.
Philadelphia had been capital of America but now hasn`t so much influence.

39anonymous2012/07/28() 08:15:29.91 ID:Va4aDzoR0

Chicago is financial center city following NY and said that still 2nd city.

31anonymous2012/07/28() 08:05:02.51 ID:7LRVaJGk0


38anonymous2012/07/28() 08:15:10.77 ID:UadB4hJ50


Vatican is headquarter of catholic , so I enter it at BBC.

32anonymous2012/07/28() 08:07:52.21 ID:46Evl9im0

I think Jerusalem is considerably important.
Geneva is just located UN headquarter, bit so important as city.

41anonymous2012/07/28() 08:18:23.55 ID:UadB4hJ50


I`m puzzled about Jerusalem as holy land of Christ , Judaism and Islam.
But now a day, there is only conflict zone.

42anonymous2012/07/28() 08:20:38.75 ID:UadB4hJ50


Frankly speaking, UN isn`t so influence. But Geneva is 2nd city of UN so I installed higher than real.

44anonymous2012/07/28() 08:23:16.17 ID:Va4aDzoR0

Comprehensively the largest city in Switzerland is Zurich.

48anonymous2012/07/28() 08:31:44.00 ID:UadB4hJ50

It`s right. Zurich is substantially capital in Switzerland.
But UN agencies are located in Geneva much more than Zurich.
And there is Red cross headquarter.
So I selected Geneva.

49anonymous2012/07/28() 08:36:02.75 ID:Va4aDzoR0

But the ranking expressed by world think tank always put Zurich beyond Geneva.
Zurich is more important than Geneva.

51anonymous2012/07/28() 08:40:42.40 ID:UadB4hJ50

Influence in Switzerland? Or influence in international situation?

52anonymous2012/07/28() 08:47:32.68 ID:Va4aDzoR0


First, financial center of Switzerland is Zurich.
Almost of large capitalists and centers of financial clique handling international organizations are located in Zurich.
There are many international organizations in Zurich. For example, FIFA.
Main airport in Switzerland is in Zurich too.

And one more.

Berlin is overestimated at your ranking.

Capital function is considerably dilute.(Supreme court, parts of politic organizations and central bank isn`t there)
Economic magnitude is small.
GDP is remarkably lower than average of Germany.
No main airport.
International organizations are few.

54anonymous2012/07/28() 09:01:01.38 ID:UadB4hJ50


I see. My evaluation based on number of important functions or organizations.
Put Zurich at BCC instead of Geneva.

I anticipated Berlin is inferior to London and Paris. So It`s reasonable Berlin is as important city as Shanghai and Moscow. Still high?

60anonymous2012/07/28() 09:20:09.76 ID:Va4aDzoR0


It is depend on what you emphasis, but in case allowing for economic field, Berlin should be low.
If emphasis economy, finance and international base, Hong Kong is considerably high.
Hong Kong is said that the third biggest financial center following NY and London and it is Hong Kong where western companies locate their base point of Asia.

34anonymous2012/07/28() 08:09:42.82 ID:FopB8o/u0

Is there what important place in Rome?

35anonymous2012/07/28() 08:10:34.15 ID:FopB8o/u0

I think Sydney is higher than Rome.

43anonymous2012/07/28() 08:23:15.07 ID:UadB4hJ50


Certainly, Australia doll is important base currency. Sydney is BCC

45anonymous2012/07/28() 08:27:06.48 ID:tPUsMF2L0

Why Los Angels is such a low?

50anonymous2012/07/28() 08:38:15.94 ID:UadB4hJ50

Industry of Los is developed but there are many other industrial cities.

55anonymous2012/07/28() 09:02:31.17 ID:umTo4MmYO

Moscow is such high?

56anonymous2012/07/28() 09:11:58.54 ID:UadB4hJ50


Kremlin in Moscow have been still central of former superpower Russia.
Worldly important sessions are held and center of east Europe countries.

59anonymous2012/07/28() 09:16:30.89 ID:fCjsxHQhP

Have you ever been in actual place of course?

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