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Where country is the most miserable in history?

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Country faced the most terrible situation

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Cambodia had been ruled by khmer rouge was really miserable.

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Little a cup of rice porridge a day
People was forced to work all day
If same team member run away, everyone is killed.
Population didn`t decrease so people forced to kill each other.
And to inhibit increasing of population, pretty girls were sent to China.

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Cultural revolution in china, Stalin in Soviet Union also killed a lot in term of the number.
But Pol Pot`s case is terrible about ratio against population.

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Cambodia: Total population 8million and 3million people were killed for 4 years.
China: Total population billion and 60milliion people for 40 years
Soviet : total population 150million 20million for 40 years

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The problem is Pol Pot massacred all intellectual rather than number.
Many Cambodia cultures were inherited.

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Poland has big or terrible neighboring countris.

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Poland had been eliminated on the map some times.

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In 18 century, Poland was separated 3 times and disappeared.

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Warning that `Japan will become like Poland` had been claimed before war in the Japan. while expanding military power.

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I vote Australia.
But at that time, There are not `country`

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White is unbelievable , they killed local people like sports hunting in Australia.

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You means Palestine, don`t you?

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There have been many wars around Jerusalem from B.C

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3 religions have been competing in small Jerusalem.

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because of


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I don`t think so.

Japan is not unhappy in term of the history,

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fall atomic bomb.
But not most miserable.

Japan is happier.

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End of Shin was poor

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massacre and rapes have been many in China.
And Rulers of china have changed many time.

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In Aztec Empire, living sacrifice`s heart was gouged

In middle Europe, virgins were burned by Witch-hunt


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Inca Empire


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It`s Inca Empire

Francisco Pizarro was brutal.
Spanish in the age of discovery were all savage.

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The country of offspring of taken slave/
But mixed race of white is in high class in society.

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South America are almost miserable.
The name of discover, local people had been killed and raped a lot.

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Through authoritarian, people are worn out for chaos

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The biggest misery in human history is slaving

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Africa are miserable too, because of slaving

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The most miserable country is somewhere around Africa.

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Angola was a base slaving trade and most of Angolan were sent to Brazil

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Of course African holds a grudge.

Persecution against white around south Africa is as terrible as Persecution against black people before apartheid.

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In Somalia, many children die by starvation and terror, pirates exists.

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Somalia is definitely the most miserable country nowadays.

But I think when slaving trade, damage was less

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Since England came, Somalia have gotten worse and worse.

They should request apology and compensation.

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There had been country where was burned by Lava

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I think it is Pompeii

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It is not country,
but Easter island is also weird.

Island was rich of forest and woods.
But local people cut too much woods and culture and people disappeared.

Cause is of course Moai

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America was poor until independence.

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Age of colony of America was also miserable.
Many slaves packed in small ship room.

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It`s India.

They have been robed country and all people became slave.
And it continue yet

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I`ve heard Indi is IT developed country.

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It is tale of B.C.
People in below of caste is native.
Above ones are offspring of invader

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Sri Lanka hasn`t appear yet.

It had became colony of Portugal, Netherland and England.
Anti-government guerilla are many.
Earthquake also happen a lot.

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The case flourished county disappear suddenly is more miserable than the case poor country stay poor country.
Zimbabwe and Haiti was not poor before, but now…

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You mean Republic of Nauru.

Earning because of exporting of ore.
National income were 33,000 dollars
No tax, free electric utility expense, free medical bills ,free educational bills all free.
People were given 200,000dollers every month.
Government give houses for people

Ore became exhausted.
Civil servant 9.5%
Other jobs 0.5%
No employee 90%

Now, it is desperately situation because of no industry.

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Republic of Nauru is the miserable.
Flourish and decline.
Nobody don`t know way to work.

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This world is just tragedy.

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